Downloadable Tattoo Designs by World-Renowned Celtic Artist Pat Fish
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Baby Dolphins Tattoo Design

$ 5.95

There is just something wonderful about dolphins. You can't help smiling with them! This pattern is based on an original...

Dancer Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 7.95

A beautifully intricate circle of interswirling triscle spirals. This pattern is based on an original fabric design by the talented...

Dual Ravens Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 7.99

The favorite Celtic bird of power combined with knotwork and spirals. This pattern is based on an original design by...

Raven Heart Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 5.55

Three ravens surround and hold a Celtic knotwork triquetra heart in their mighty claws. This pattern is based on an...

Salmon of Wisdom Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 5.95

A beautiful Salmon adapted from a print by the Welsh artist Jen Delyth, looped with a knotted moon and sold...

Tree of Fire Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 9.95

Building on the popular tribal tree of life of Jen Delyth, this pattern adds a woven Celtic knotwork circle that...

Angel Dancer Wings Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 9.95

The woman who commissioned this backpiece had been a step dancer as a girl, and fell in love with the...

Ceilidh - The Dance Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 12.95

Intricate and timeless, weaving in and out like the patterns of the Celtic ceilidh dance, a beautiful pattern by the...

Celtic Stag Tattoo Design

$ 5.99

The King of the Forest, the Stag of the Hill, the most noble and worthy animal for the royal hunt....

Embellished Tree of Life Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 11.99

The powerful black graphic image of the Tree of Life is here softened, feminized, and surrounded with a lacework of...

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