Downloadable Tattoo Designs by World-Renowned Celtic Artist Pat Fish
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Chrysanthemum Wave Japanese Tattoo Design

$ 7.95

A beautiful ornate chrysanthemum, symbol of truth and happiness, swirls from a wave for a balanced tattoo. The wave will...

Hokusai's Great Tribal Wave Japanese Tattoo Design

$ 11.95

In 1831 the Japanese master printmaker Katsushika Hokusai created a masterpiece, the Great Wave off Kanagawa. This tribal version was...

Spiraling Wave Tribal Tattoo Design

$ 6.95

An ancient pattern, found in communities throughout the world, the spiraling wave makes a beautiful bracelet tattoo, as shown, or...

Tribal Wave Tattoo Design

$ 5.95

This pattern comes from the rim of an ancient piece of pottery found in Mesopotamia, and is the perfect band...

Wave Sun Tribal Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 1.95

A pattern of curling waves form the rays of this sun, and a Celtic triskelion of water drops form the...

Ninth Wave Dolphin Tribal Tattoo Design

$ 4.95

A perky tribal graphic dolphin whose body is built of wave forms. In Celtic mythology, the boundaries of the mortal...

The Ninth Wave Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 9.95

In Irish mythology, the Ninth Wave is the barrier that separates the Earthly world from the Hy Breasil, the "otherworld,"...

La Tene Wave Spirals Celtic Tattoo Design

$ 9.95

The widdershins triple spiraling triskle tumbles along a sine wave to form a graceful La Tene arm band or anklet....

Reverse Wave Tribal Tattoo Design

$ 7.95

There is no better bold graphic statement to show ones affinity with the ocean and the watery element than this...

Wave Master Band Tribal Tattoo Design

$ 5.95

Paddlers who set forth in the sea do so with utter respect for the power of the ocean. They pilot...

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